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Learning Legal: A Quest to Understand How + Where Legal Professionals Learn About Innovation

Originally published July 11, 2018 on LinkedIn

Microsoft is trying to understand how and where the legal industry accesses and consumes information about legal operations, legal innovation, and the business of law. You can help us learn by completing this survey. We will share what you teach us. Why are we doing this? 

The legal industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation. Law firms and legal departments are turning to people, process, and technology to deliver more impact and added value through their delivery of legal services. Microsoft is too.  

Microsoft will use this survey to identify key content types and delivery channels, and gain insight into who is listening to and participating in thought leadership around this industry transformation. Microsoft also wants to learn how it can most effectively contribute to the conversation by sharing its approach. 

Microsoft hopes this survey will inform others in our legal community about the resources available to our legal community focused on innovating the practice of law. Within the survey, you’ll find sources for content that highlight the stories and efforts to advance the business and practice of law. 

If you’re an existing podcaster, blogger, or contributor (or even just curious about market research!) we are happy to share the raw data collected from the survey with you. Please email Microsoft Legal Operations Research ( with the subject line “Legal Operations Content Survey,” and we'll send you the information when our research is complete.  

Thank you for participating!  

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